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Branch Farm in Gródkowo

Pacółtowo farm has its branch in Gródkowo near Wyszogród, where we have ecologically raised poultry (the Green-Legged chicken, duck, White goose) and grown fruits and vegetables.


Green-Legged chicken breed is the best solution to our environmental rearing conditions. This race is versatile, it is suitable for production of eggs and meat. It usually has a good health status, as well as delicious eggs and meat. In the 20th week of life these chickens weigh approximately: rooster 1.7 to 2.2 kg and hen 1.5 to 1.8 kg. Annually they produce about 180 to 190 eggs in a creamy shell weighing 55 - 59 g. Roosters plumage is glossy, metallic - green color, while the stomach, chest are black and the hens have the partridge-like color while their backs are of beige-brown color. The name of the race is derived from a light-green color of legs of the chickens.


White Goose is a breed of “general utility”. Important features include the optimal use of feed, a good fat, musculature of thighs and breasts. Meat of these geese is characterized by high content of protein, large share of the B-group vitamins and a significant content of minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron). Their fat has a beneficial influence on health because it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, comparable with that of olive oil. The meat of geese today is perceived as a part of protective and strengthening the body diet. An important advantage of our geese is also a very high resistance to disease and its adaptation to the native environmental conditions. Through optimizing the rearing process and diet (ecological grains and fodder) production cycle is about 16 weeks. During that time our Geese eat about 55 kg of green fodder, which is processed by its digestive system into full-value meat protein. Grazing geese in the open green areas is necessary for the proper development and stress-free chicks and adults.

Ducks are the outstanding product of our farm in Gródkowo. They are raised in ecological conditions and lead to Gródkowo farm being able to offer meat of high palatability and nutrition quality.


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