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Farm Pacółtowo and Ecology

Organic farming is a unique form of agricultural management and food production. Food is produced by natural methods in clean and safe environment, without use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically modified organisms. The purpose of organic agriculture is not only to produce food with high quality parameters in a sustainable natural environment, but also to protect and care for the quality of the environment.

Organic farming is an alternative to conventional agriculture management system. It activates natural mechanisms through use of means that are not processed technologically so that permanent soil fertility and animal health is ensured. By following the principles of organic farming we keep the environment from poisoning and at the same time we produce high quality and healthy agricultural products which lead to production of tasty and healthy food.

Our farm accepts the following principles as a guidance:

1. We do not use synthetic plant protection products (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.). In order to combat diseases, pests and weeds, most of all we use proper crop rotation and biological, agronomic methods;

2. Our crops grow in the mosaic from – they are separated from each other by cover crops, barriers of trees and shrubs that give shelter to the natural allies of the farmer ecologist such as birds and insects consuming pests, and at the same time improving the microclimate;

3. We do not use machines plowing deeply so the soil retains a natural specification of micro-organisms;
We live reservoirs in the areas of crops cultivation and we do not employ the “total melioration” which has been used for so long before us. Farm Pacółtowo is engaged in breeding Charolaise and Limousine cattle. Our bulls and cows for several years have been fed the fodder deriving in 100% from our meadows and pastures. For three years we have been officially an organic farm and two years ago our hay and silage have received certification as products of plant origin. All our fodder consists of grasses and legumes. Recent certificate issued for our farm by the certification body can be viewed by pressing the icon:


Pro-ecological cattle breeding

On 21.06.2011 we included animal production in environmental programs. The decision to switch from conventional farming to organic required a new approach to technology of cattle breeding. During spring and autumn (depending on weather conditions) our animals are fed on grass-lands. During winter they are given fodder produced using organic materials derived from our fields and meadows. Breeding is carried out in the recently built modern barns with paddocks. These barns, allowing our animals to have much freedom of movement, ensure adequate comfort of living for them. This in turn allows for their proper development without any negative impact on the surrounding environment. As required by law, as additional feed we only use materials listed in Annex V to Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008. On our farm there is no synthetic growth promoters, any additives or genetically modified oilseed intermediates.

While breeding cattle in Pacółtowo we place much emphasis on prevention, which is based primarily on:

- Use of high quality fodder;

- Free access to pasture and much free movement during winter in the barn;

- Free access to water.

In cases of disease we use homeopathic and natural medicine, and also micronutrients.



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