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Division of beef carcasses

Partition of beef carcasses begins with their division in halves, then into quarters: front and rear, which are then cut into pieces and offered for retail sale. Typical division of beef carcasses is shown on the attached figure. It consists in cutting out from halves of carcasses the following pieces:


1. Neck
2. Roast
3. Entrecote
4. Roast beef
5. Rumpsteak
6. Sirloin
7. Shank
8. Silverside
9. Shin
10. Flank
11. Sirloin
12. Brisket
13. Shoulder
14. Tail



Best meat is typically along the back of the animal, and in its rear parts. The meat from these parts if good for frying, baking and grilling. Meat from the front has thicker fiber and more membranes and tendons. However, it is perfectly suited for cooking and stewing.

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