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Philosophy of healthy living

Man for a long time has been looking for the "golden mean" for health, well-being, great figure, fit mind and longevity.

The human organism is a system in which all organs are closely related and interact. The energy between them is exchanged. If at some point this process is interrupted, problems arise in the functioning of the body, which is reflected in its weakness, decreased immunity, stress, which in turn may result in all kinds of diseases, more or less serious consequences.
Every one of us certainly raises the question: how to live healthy?

Some of us count on mysterious potions to act or have their own theories on the subject but rarely employ them in everyday life, while others opt for the most obvious methods such as healthy, well-balanced diet, relaxation and movement.
Few of us realize that the secret to a healthy life and feeling great without unnecessary diseases and ailments is a healthy and proper diet. It is of great importance in this case, eating meals at specific times and cyclicality – according to the principle "eat less, but often", as well as having at least one hot meal a day.

Human organism, to be properly nourished, apparently needs up to 45 different nutrients. A deficiency of any one of them can adversely affect our health. But the most important thing is, what type of intermediates, as well as materials our daily food was produced. It is good to eat valuable foods, more frequently, but in small quantities. The food we eat, sometimes is  defective, as a result of processes used in its manufacture and storage. We should, therefore, use more natural products.

We should eat lean meats, fish, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Lets replace animal fats for vegetable fats. It is obvious that our body needs carbohydrates, but we should provide it with the sound ones, not the ones that hurt us. Definitely we have to limit intake of sugar and salt.
Such a thoughtful and balanced diet, used, depending on our needs is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Fortunately, in Europe, more and more foods containing ingredients less threatening human life is produced. This are the so-called organic foods, which must meet stringent chemical standards. Of course, healthy food is typically more expensive and harvest is not as large as in conventional farming. Nevertheless, the consumers increasingly shoose healthy organic food because they are aware of the health risks stemming from chemicals used in conventional agriculture. More and more people look, what is written on the labels, read the information about composition of products and consider the impact on health of any given item and component.

Another advantage of organic farming is lower consumption of water and energy needed to produce healthy foods, which, additionally is richer in vitamins and minerals. Organic farming is not only about fruits and vegetables, but it also is the breeding animals which are healthier and kept in decent conditions, and the meat from such farms is better and tastier than  the traditional.
Looking, therefore, to the future, having our health on our minds, we should ask ourself whether the food that lies on the supermarkets shelves and tempts consumers is healthy?

As it turns out, this food contains a lot of additives to improve the taste, smell and prolong its duration. Dyes, preservatives and artificial sweeteners will not affect our health in a good way. Therefore, it is worth remembering that our health depends largely on what we eat.
Relaxation and Movement

The human body needs a great care and concern from its owner to operate properly. It is important to find time, in our daily, often hectic, life, for both work and leisure, which, after all, to our body is as important as movement. When the body has too little rest, its resistance decreases. Weak from lack of sleep, the body is looking for ways to gain extra energy. It is the amount of vitality which impacts our health in greatest way, which in turn is the basis for well-being and contentment. Someone who has a lot of vitality, is a joyful and happy person, realizes his goals in personal and professional life, exudes positive energy.

The most important is a our positive attitude and regular work on ourselves. Changing lifestyles which bears fruits, becomes a philosophy of life.


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