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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on management system that encourages building of sustainable ecosystem in which man lives. We're trying to create a unique place where people live in harmony with nature, drawing benefits from its forests, fields, meadows and not interfering with its original form.

We are an organic farm, which is trying to take into account factors such as: a healthy, clean environment, economic efficiency and social justice. Our goal is to carry out agriculture that is environmentally friendly, as well as to produce food products that meet the highest environmental requirements. Our aim is to mimic at our farm the processes taking place in natural ecosystems.

Pacółtowo farm is located on a beautiful hilly terrain (at an altitude of 217 m above sea level). We grow plants and breed Charolais and Limousine cattle races. Our bulls and cows graze on pastures where only composted manure is used. Meat production is ecologically pure and sourced on the basis of our own fodder. Qualities of our meat are: unique taste, color, scent and quality. We constantly strive to achieve the highest quality products.

The introduction of management system concentrated on the environment leads to changes in the surrounding ecosystem. We are seeing the emergence of larger than usual quantities of animals such as elk (not for the whole year), red deer (ruts are held regularly on our fields), roe deer, fallow deer, boar (moving in large packs). Increasingly, we see small game such as hares. Among the birds that can be spotted in Pacółtowo are: beautiful and rare specimens White-Tailed Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle, cranes, swans, storks, gray heron and a very rare white heron, as well as wild geese, mallards, coots. Wolfs also can be encountered, as well as raccoons, badgers, martens, weasels, stoats and polecats.

Our management philosophy is beneficial not only for the environment - we support the local community and local authorities in their infrastructure projects.

Our desire is that this little piece of the world in which we work would develop and get increasingly beautiful. We are doing our best so that people living here could have interesting and satisfying jobs and would continue to see the beauty of this place that captivates us so much.


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