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About the Farm Pacółtowo

Farm Pacółtowo has been producing plant, as well as beef cattle breeds Charolaise and Limousine. The detailed information about the breeding and about the Farm Pacółtowo is on other tabs on our website.

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Breeding cattle in Pacółtowo

Our farm in Pacólłtowo continues to breed Charolaise and Limousine cattle. About 1000 ha of meadows and grasslands is used for pasturing. Our animals are subject to the supervision of the Polish Association of Breeders and Producers of Beef Cattle.

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Anyone who tasted a juicy beef steak knows that it is a meat with a unique taste. This is particularly true in case of meat races of cattle – their meat is so much tastier than the beef from the dairy breeds. Beef is a very universal meat.

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Division of beef carcasses

Partition of beef carcasses begins with their division in halves, then into quarters: front and rear, which are then cut into pieces and offered for retail sale. Typical division of beef carcasses is shown on the attached figure.

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Ecological hay and silage

We offer high quality organic hay and silage, which contains grass (high and low), legumes such as white clover, red clover and lucerne. As the fertilizer for our fields we use manure produced by our cows and compost prepared from our own grasslands.

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Limousine breed has its native land in central regions of France: Limousin and Marche–with a harsh climate and rocky terrain. Massive and powerful animals for long time were used as a pulling force, and at the end of their life - assigned to the slaughter

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• Ecological cattle • Ecological hay and silage • Ecological beef

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Organic Beef

Beef received from our cattle is one of the best Polish cuisine cooking meats. It is delicate, marble-colored, perfectly suited for steaks. The animals from which the meat is derived are naturally fed and healthy.

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