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About the Farm Pacółtowo

Farm Pacółtowo has been producing plant, as well as beef cattle breeds Charolaise and Limousine. The detailed information about the breeding and about the Farm Pacółtowo is on other tabs on our website.

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Aktualna oferta sprzedaży

Aktualnie oferujemy do sprzedaży: odsadki (byczki CH/LM/mieszańce) ekologiczna sianokiszonka ekologiczne siano

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Breeding cattle in Pacółtowo

Our farm in Pacólłtowo continues to breed Charolaise and Limousine cattle. About 1000 ha of meadows and grasslands is used for pasturing. Our animals are subject to the supervision of the Polish Association of Breeders and Producers of Beef Cattle.

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Charolaise cattle was bred in central France, in the region of Saone et Loire, and is derived directly from the working cattle in the vicinity of Charolaise. Since 1920, the Charolaise cattle is used only as the source for meat.

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Ecological cattle

We sell calves of Charolaise and Limousine breeds, mostly young male bulls, between the ages of 7 to 8 months, with an average weight of 270 kg. Heifers are left for preservation of the herd.

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Farm Pacółtowo and Ecology

Organic farming is a unique form of agricultural management and food production. Food is produced by natural methods in clean and safe environment, without use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and ...

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History of the Farm

Pacółtowo (German Groβ Pötzdorf) is a small village beautifully situated among vast meadows and forests, gently undulating hills, near Dylewo Hills Landscape Park. Established in 1325, within Ostróda commandry, the village from the beginning was a base fo

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